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IT Law Alert March 16, 2015
FCC Net Neutrality Rules May Impact Your Business: This week, the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) issued its 400page Open Internet Order. The
agency characterizes the Order as implementing “bright line rules to ban blocking,
throttling and paid prioritization (or “fast lanes”)”. One impact of the Order is that
Internet service providers (ISPs) will not be able to charge more for providing fast
lanes to content providers like Netflix. It should also be noted that the Order also
applies to mobile apps.
While consumer advocates are applauding the Order, critics believe the FCC’s action
is the first step in the government regulating additional aspects of the Internet,
perhaps even specific content, applications or services. What will be the impact on
your business? Will the Order truly preserve net neutrality and keep the Internet
open for innovation, as the FCC believes? Or will more regulation lead to higher
connectivity costs across the board for businesses and consumers alike? Time will
tell. Major ISPs are expected to challenge the Order in upcoming weeks.
Review the FCC Order here.
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