Network in the Sky In our Future?

Tech start up Elefante Group, Inc., in partnership with Lockheed Martin Corporation, has filed a petition for rulemaking with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding a design for a platform of atmospheric-based service to deliver high capacity, fast communications services. This “network-in-the-sky” would be powered by solar energy and some fuel cells. It would be capable of providing coverage to more than 9,000 square miles for six to nine months at a time.

The stratospheric platform stations (or STRAPS) would be designed to hover about 12 miles above the ground and remain within 6 miles of their position. The network would support fixed user terminals and Internet of Things enabling solutions, including 4G and 5G bandwidth to rural areas and urban data deserts.

Elefante Group is requesting that the FCC start the rule-making process within a year so that the company can adopt airship rules within the next two years.

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