In this time of online privacy concerns and digital hacking, there is a great need to understand and interpret best online practices through a legal lens. To this end, the 2018 Edition of Practicing Law Institute’s treatise “Social Media and the Law”, by Kathryn Ossian, Founder and CEO of Ossian Law, is now available. This publication was first released in 2013, and is updated annually to reflect changes in the legal implications of social media usage for individuals and businesses. Some of the recent developments in “Social Media and the Law” include

  • ​fallout from the proliferation of misinformation or “fake news” through social media
  • how social media platform address the posting of videos and live streaming of criminal activities, so called “performance crimes”
  • a new federal law prohibiting non-disparagement clauses in online terms used by some companies to stop consumers from posting negative reviews
  • how a social media post can quickly impact a company’s reputation and stock price

“Social Media and the Law” is available here.