Eighteen year old Ousmane Bah has sued Apple after he was falsely accused of felonies in multiple states, including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Delaware. The arrests allegedly resulted from Bah’s image being mismatched to the identity of the true suspect through facial recognition software used in Apple’s retail stores. Apparently, the true suspect had presented Bah’s interim driving permit (that didn’t include a photo) as identification during one of the crimes.

Bah was a high school student at the time each of the crimes were allegedly committed and had never been to some of the involved store locations. In his complaint, Bah alleges that Apple should not have accepted the interim permit as a valid form of identification.

Bah is seeking damages of $1 billion, claiming that he found himself forced to respond to serious criminal charges that led to severe stress and hardship in his life and significant damage to his positive reputation.

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