U.S. Representatives Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren, each representing districts in Silicon Valley, have introduced the “Online Privacy Act” bill.  The bill calls for the creation of a U.S. Digital Privacy Agency to draft and enforce comprehensive federal privacy rules. If enacted, the scope of the law would include:

  • A user’s right to access, correct and delete their collected data;
  • Opt-in consent for data being used for artificial intelligence algorithms;
  • Restrictions on a company’s ability to disclose or sell personal data without explicit consent;
  • Employment of reasonable cybersecurity policies to protect user data and notification of the newly created agency of a breach or data sharing abuse;
  • The ability of state attorneys general to bring civil actions for violations of the law; and
  • A private right of action for harmed individuals for violations

The bill exempts small businesses from some of the most stringent requirements. Following its introduction, the bill was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Committee on the Judiciary.A summary of the Online Privacy Act bill is available here and the entire 132 page bill here.

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