Implications of a Billion Record Breach

This week, Yahoo! Inc. announced its discovery of an August, 2013 data breach of over one billion user account records. The announcement came less than three months after the company disclosed a 2014 breach of more than 500 million records, although Yahoo! believes...

Social Media and the Law Book Review

Nichols Wells of Wells IP Law in New York has reviewed Kathy Ossian’s “Social Media and the Law” book  — in addition to Mr. Wells’ insights, anyone purchasing the book through his page will receive a 20% discount from PLI!

Social Media and the Law

Kathryn Ossian, Founder and CEO of Ossian Law P.C. edited the upcoming Practicing Law Institute publication, Social Media and the Law. The book, featuring Ms. Ossian and other legal social media experts, is now available here.

Applying the ADA to Websites

Everyone should read Free Press writer Frank Witsil’s front page story “Access to websites for people with disabilities:  A new civil rights frontier” and not just because Kathy Ossian is quoted in the story.