The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has issued a report of its audit of the governance and protection of Department of Defense (DOD) Artificial Intelligence Data and Technology. The dual purpose of the audit was to determine DOD’s progress in: (a) developing a governance framework and standards for Artificial Intelligence and (b) implementing security controls to protect AI data and technologies from cyber threats.

Among the OIG findings were that the DOD needs to:

  • Include a standard definition of AI and consider updating the definition on at least an annual basis;
  • Develop a security classification guide for the consistent protection of AI data; 
  • Develop capabilities for data sharing; and 
  • Include standards for legal and privacy considerations.

Additional findings include lack of proper security controls currently in place. One example is that the DOD and some of its contractors did not consistently require the use of strong passwords, generate systems activity reports or lock systems for inactivity.

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