The Consumer Federation of America, along with 10 other advocacy groups, including Mozilla and the Internet Society, have sent an open letter to Target, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart asking the retailers to endorse minimum privacy and security guidelines for connected consumer products. Citing an estimated 10 billion active IoT products by 2020, the advocacy groups recommend the following minimum guidelines for IoT devices, including:

Following pressure from the European Commission and EU consumer protection organizations, Facebook has agreed to modify its terms on how it uses personal data. Among the changes, slated to take effect by the end of June: 

  • Clarification of terms describing how Facebook profits from its users’ personal data through targeting advertising;
  • Transparency on the process users should follow to delete their accounts;
  • The basis for Facebook disabling a user’s account; and
  • How Facebook continues to use data after deletion of as user’s account.

While the changes were originally only going to be rolled out in the EU, Facebook later announced that the new terms will apply globally. 

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