On March 10, 2016, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler introduced a proposal to regulate data sharing practices of broadband Internet service providers (ISPs). The proposal would address several aspects of broadband consumer data including:

  • Affording consumers the right to exercise “meaningful and informed” control over how an ISP uses and shares their data, including “opt-outs” for marketing uses but requiring “opt-ins” for all other uses
  • Requiring ISPs to be transparent in disclosing privacy practices in an “easily understandable and accessible” way and
  • Mandating security measures, including ISPs’ adoption of risk management practices such as personnel training, customer authentication requirements and short time frames for notifying customers and the FCC of any data breaches of customer information

The proposal is up for a vote by the full Commission on March 31st. If the FCC adopts the proposed rulemaking, a period of public comment would follow before any rules take effect. Learn more about the proposed rule making here. Contact us at Ossian Law P.C. regarding any information technology law matter.