The Federal Trade Commission has entered into a Consent Order with Retina-X Studios and its founder for alleged violations of federal privacy laws involving three “stalkerware” apps known as Mobile Spy, Phone Sheriff and Teen Shield. Downloading each app required circumvention of a mobile device’s security protection without verifying that the apps were being used for a legitimate purpose, such as a parent monitoring a child or an employer tracking an employee.

As part of the consent order, Retina-X agreed that:

  • activating any monitoring functionality of an app shall not require jailbreaking a mobile device;
  • prior to selling or distributing such apps, Retina-X must obtain an express written attestation from the purchaser that it will use the app for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users;
  • an installed app must display an icon that a user can click for a notice that identifies the app and that it is running on the device and where and how to obtain further information on the app and
  • it would delete personal information previously collected from the apps

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