Ossian Law P.C. May 15, 2013 IT Alert: FTC Explores Regulating “Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things or IoT refers to the growing number of everyday devices that are connected to the Internet. For example, consumers control home security systems, businesses track inventories and deliveries and doctors monitor patients’ vital signs, all via the Internet. With IoT comes with great convenience and efficiencies, but at what price? As more and more data is collected and stored, so does the potential for its compromise or misuse.

The Federal Trade Commission is currently seeking input on the privacy and security implications of IoT. The agency is accepting submissions through iot@ftc.gov on a number of questions, including:

• What are the significant developments in services and products that make use of this connectivity? • What are the current and future uses of smart technology?
• How should privacy risks be weighed against potential societal benefits?
• Can and should de-identified data from smart devices be used for these purposes?

After gathering input, the FTC is conducting a workshop on November 21st. IoT is here to stay and will likely play an even greater role in our everyday lives. For more information on the FTC’s efforts, click here


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