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IT Law Alert August 18, 2014

FTC Renews Push for “Privacy By Design” The Department of Commerce (DOC) is looking into whether additional federal legislation is needed regarding the collection of Big Data. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently filed comments with the DOC, taking the opportunity to advocate for:

  • “Privacy by Design” in which companies are encouraged to build in consumer privacy protections at every stage in developing their products, including reasonable security for consumer data and built-in de-identification measures.
  • Simplified choice for businesses and consumers that appropriately reflect the context of the transaction or the relationship the company has with the consumer.
  • Greater transparency including disclosing details about their collection and use of consumers’ information and providing consumers access to the data collected about them.

    Companies that choose to adopt these privacy practices regarding data collection may find benefits from both business and legal perspectives. Access the FTC’s August 5, 2014 comments here.

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