Google, LLC and the University of Chicago Medical Center have been named as defendants in a class action style lawsuit recently filed in federal court in Illinois. The named plaintiff, Matt Dinerstein, alleges that Google, through its start-up, DeepMind, “embarked on a campaign, veiled as well-intentioned research, to obtain millions of medical records from health care organizations.” 

The plaintiff further alleges that DeepMind was to operate independently from Google. In late 2018, however, Google fully absorbed and took control of the medical records data acquired.

Among the data apparently acquired by DeepMind were all patient data from the University of Chicago Medical Center from 2009 through 2016. While the data provided was technically “deidentified,” the plaintiff alleges that “geolocation information, when combined with the exact date stamps for admission and discharge . . . included in the university’s medical records, and cross referencing the age, gender, and demographic information with its own data, creates a perfect formulation of data points for Google to identify” the patients. 

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