Recently, Maplebear Inc. dba Instacart field a lawsuit in federal court in Texas against Cornershop Technologies Inc. Cornershop is an online grocery delivery service launched in Chile in 2015 and purchased by Uber in 2019.  In May 2020, Cornershop began operations in the U.S., more specifically in Texas and Florida.

The complaint alleges that Cornershop “accessed and scrapped Instacart’s Platform, copying and using without authorization thousands of copyrighted and licensed images, along with product description [and] pricing data” and then using such material on Cornershop’s product pages. Instacart also points out that Cornershop specifically advertised for engineering positions in Texas with job duties and skills including scraping “catalogs,” “advanced scraping” and the “ability to generate good scrapers.”

In its complaint, Instacart asserts that Cornershop’s behavior violates various federal law, including the U.S. Copyright Act, Computer Fraud & Abuse Act and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act as well as breach of contract (violation of Instacart’s terms of service) and unfair competition.

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