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IT Law Alert February 2, 2015
Is Your Organization Being Used As Phishing Bait? Phishing has been around
since the inception of electronic mail, but scammers increasingly try to make the
fraudulent messages appear more legitimate. According to Crain’s Chicago, names of
major law firms have recently been appearing in email phishing scams with subject
lines like “Notice to Appear”.
Law firms aren’t the only industry being used in attempted phishing. The Anti
Phishing Working Group (APWG) releases a quarterly report on phishing activity
trends. The most recent APWG shows the most-targeted industry sectors, by
percentage of attacks, as payment services (39.8%), financial (20.2%), retail/service
(16.5%) and Internet service provider (8.4%).
Reviewing your organization’s security and fraud detection practices from both a
legal and technical perspective can help minimize fraudulent access to customer
information and limit potential exposure resulting from phishing scams.
Access the Crain’s Chicago article here
The APWG Phishing Activity Trends Report 2nd Quarter 2014 here.
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