In May 2019, Verizon released its 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. The report is the result of analyzing some 41,686 security incidents of which 2,013 were confirmed data breaches. Among the report’s key findings:

  • The majority of incidents were denial of service attacks, i.e., intended to compromise the availability of networks and systems designed to overwhelm and result in performance degradation or interruption of service
  • 52% of the breaches featured hacking, followed by 33% including social attacks and 28% involving the use of malware
  • Ransomware attacks account for almost 24% of incidents where malware was used
  • 69% of the perpetrators were outsiders while 34% were inside agents, with the primary motive being financial gain
  • Some of the most targeted industries in the private sector include healthcare organizations, accommodation and food service providers, educational services and financial and insurance

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