In the first half of 2020, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (“Zoom”) was named in a number of proposed class action lawsuits. Claims in the various lawsuits include violations of state data protection laws based on: (a) alleged improper sharing of users’ personal information and (b)failing to prevent hackers from joining Zoom meetings, a phenomenon known as “zoombombing.”

The latest lawsuit has been filed by privacy advocacy group, Consumer Watchdog, alleging that Zoom falsely represented its data security practices under the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act. More specifically, the plaintiff claims that Zoom advertised its use of “end-to-end encryption” as “a marketing device to lull consumers and businesses into a false sense of security.” Among other things, the plaintiff cited a Zoom Security White Paper published in June 2019 and a guide issued to medical professionals in April 2020. The case is pending in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

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