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IT Law Alert June 16, 2014

Legal Risks of Mobile Apps: Rules, Standards and Gaps

Over a billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2013. People now spend more time on apps than on the Internet. While many apps are offered at little or no cost, the vast amount of personal information collected by app providers can be extremely valuable.

The prolific collection of data has also lead to the increased use of facial recognition technology. Now Jane Doe’s social media likes and interests can be used to send her targeted promotional emails and texts on her mobile device when her face enters a brick and mortar store. App provider FacialNetwork recently launched a Google Glass beta version of its NameTag app that allows users to quickly match a person’s photo with their name, more photos and online profiles.

Mobile app data collection implicates various privacy interests. Some targeted federal rules and regulations and a handful of state laws apply to these collection practices. A number of organizations have also issued voluntary standards for the mobile app industry. Nonetheless, significant gaps remain in effectively managing mobile app data collection, disclosure and use practices. To read the full article on this subject, go here.

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