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IT Law Alert March 2, 2015
Using Social Media to Police Legal Rights: In 2012, Domino’s Pizza shortened its
name to Domino’s. Each of Domino’s almost 10,000 franchised stores must update
its signage accordingly. Domino’s just launch a contest enlisting the public to help
unofficially police whether franchised stores have done so.
The “Logo Informants” campaign asks folks to find a Domino’s store displaying the
old logo, then to post it on Instagram with the hashtags “LOGOINFORMANTS and
#SWEEPS. For this action, the company is awarding prizes ranging from $10 gift
cards to free pizza for a year. While this is a novel use of social media, some quickly
pointed out that the company’s official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages still
bear the name “Domino’s Pizza”.
Will other organizations follow Domino’s lead? There may be other circumstances
where social media campaigns could be useful, such as policing whether distributors
or agents are exceeding their authority in selling to the public. Before any such
undertaking, thought should be given to the impact on the relationship with the
contracting party and whether it may even be prudent to include a reservation of
rights in the contract ahead of time.
More information on Domino’s #LogoInformants campaign is available here.
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